Scalani Hills Estate

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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Scalani Hills Residences is a collection of three accommodation suites within the Boutari Winery, situated close to the picturesque village of Skalani in Crete.
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Overview & Facilities

About Scalani Hills Estate

Scalani Hills Residences is a collection of three accommodation suites within the Boutari Winery, situated close to the picturesque village of Skalani in Crete. The three luxurious residences have been sensitively renovated to harmonize with the surrounding area. They all enjoy beautiful views of the Fantaxometocho Estate featuring seven hectares of vineyards and olive trees.

Set in the Archanes wine region with the important archaeological site of Knossos under 5km away, Scalani Hills Residences offers a unique experience amid classical antiquity and viticulture for a truly exclusive getaway or celebration.

Guest accommodation comprises three independent residences within the former estate cottage. Each is named after local grape varieties: Kotsifali, Malvasia & Liatiko. The cottage has been completely renovated with stylish, luxurious residences that all feature modern comforts and amenities. A large hall is also available for private dining, celebration events and corporate meetings.

GNTO Licence Number: 1039Κ133Κ3119401
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The Estate

Scalani Hills Residences at the Boutari Winery combine the experience of a majestic vineyard with tranquil relaxation and hospitality. Located on the way to Myrtia (birthplace of famous Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis), and a short distance from the ancient city of Heraklion, the Boutari Winery is an amazing centre of regional wine-making with a number of native and foreign grape varieties in evidence.

The Experience

With three luxurious residences configured as suites, the cottage has been a feature of the estate for centuries. A previous owner attempted to dispel pirates from the area with myths of ghosts. This legend adds to the considerable charm and history of the property which is totally private and can accommodate three separate couples or a group of six people. Private terraces give guests the opportunity to unwind amidst the spectacular views of this estate. Each dwelling is named after a grape varietal and wine-tasting is included as part of each stay for all guests to make the experience of Scalani Hills and the Boutari winery estate truly unique.

Each morning, a delicious breakfast of local Cretan delicacies is prepared for you by our dedicated kitchen team, all home-made, and with further fresh snacks available throughout the day. Particular items on offer include grape jams and must biscuits. Dinner can also be arranged in advance, drawing on local cuisine, regional specialities, and of course wine – all prepared in accordance with your own tastes and preferences, and naturally paired with the renowned Boutari wines of the estate.

Wine Tasting

The vineyard includes the red varieties Kotsifali, Mantilari, Syrah and the white varieties Chardonnay, Malvasia Aromatica and Moschato Spinas, among others. All wine tastings give the opportunity to indulge in the art of wine tasting with experts on hand to guide you through our limited edition wines produced only on the estate. The tasting includes the dry wines Fantaxometocho (white) and Skalani (red) and the sweet wines Moschato Spinas and Iouliatiko. Should guests wish, additional wines from all over Greece can also be included and arranged via guest reception for an additional fee.

Vineyard Calendar

The planting of the estate began in 1990, when the Boutari Company began to investigate the potential for quality Greek varieties along with the acclimatization of non-native varieties in and around Greece. In fact, Fantaxometocho is characteristic example of the Boutari passion for its vineyards, also in the way it designs and creates them.

This vineyard was not selected randomly. Its shape and orientation protect it from the hot south wind during summer, while its altitude and soil offer high quality grapes which help produce very special wines, of both interest and quality. This represents important progress in the history of wine growing throughout Greece.

A New Phase of Planting

In its 25 year history, the vineyard has created some unique Cretan wines, including Skalani and Fantaxometocho. During its first era the vineyard has focused on the Kotsifali, Syrah, Chardonnay and Malvasia Aromatica varieties. Boutari has embarked in 2015 on a new phase of planting in which the Vidiano, Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano varieties have been added. The first full harvest following the replanting is expected within four years.

Grape Varieties

The Boutari Estate features both local and non-native varieties: next to Chardonnay and Syrah, Vidiano, Malvasia Aromatica,Asyrtiko, Kotsifali, Moschato Spinas and Liatiko have all been planted. The particular situation of this vineyard here in Crete has always encouraged experimentation. Many varieties such as Mavrotragano, Asyrtiko and Aidani were first cultivated in a small part of the estate, where their acclimatisation could be monitored and experienced throughout the process.

During the year, the annual life cycle of a vineyard and winery is fascinating. Each month comes with a specific task and approach, with grapes only being harvested once they are ready into the autumn. Visitors can see how this is all managed and, according to the season, follow the where everything is in the cycle.

The wine growing year begins during the early months, when the vines are pruned. Later in spring, their ‘eyes’ begin to emerge and they grow their first leaves. The fruits form in May and their ripening is completed by August. The most interesting period to spend time on our estate is during harvest, which begins in early August and ends in mid-September. This is the most difficult but also the most exciting period which all visitors can experience close up.

Two sweet and two dry wines are produced from the estate's grapes: the dry white wine Fantaxometocho, the dry red wineSkalani and the sweet wines Moschato Spinas and Iouliatiko. All production takes place in the modern winery which was built in 2004.


Wine production begins with careful sorting of the grapes and separation of the berries from the stems. Then, the white varieties go to the grape press where they reveal their rich must perfumes, while the red varieties are taken to tanks for extraction. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks and, once completed, the wines are transported to the underground cellar where they remain during the ageing process. The ideal conditions in combination with our new oak barrels from France and the USA allow the wine to develop its particular characteristics during this period. During their visit to the cellar, visitors can also learn about how to age wine at home as well what the creation of their own personal cellar might entail.

The winery trails go through all phases of wine production and end up in the wine tasting room where, with the stunning, scenic backdrop, guests learn the secrets of wine tasting in association with the aromas and flavours of the region. Our qualified staff experts advise on the best ways to taste a wine, how to feel the aromas of age and the flavour of each variety. Ultimately, this brings a more informed enjoyment of what’s in the glass as the wine is judged and evaluated.

  • Linen
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe Box
  • Hair Dryer
  • Towels: High quality towels
  • Property located within a Winery
  • Air Conditioning: Individually Controlled
  • Quality Mattresses: COCO-MAT Beds and Mattresses
  • Parking Area
Kitchen & Dining
  • Kettle
  • Coffee maker: Nespresso machine
Included Services
  • Bathroom amenities: High quality amenities
Entertainment / Media / Recreation
  • Satellite TV
  • WiFi Internet
  • Flat screen TV
  • Music Docking Station: iPod
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Location & Details

The Winery

Gallery? Museum of modern art? Gourmet restaurant? Winery!

The new, Boutari Winery in Crete was completed in early 2004 and is one of the best-equipped, state of the art wineries in Europe. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the cellar, the production area, and the rest of the estate and they can enjoy the impressive multimedia show which has gained major awards at international competitions.


The Boutari Winery in Crete is built outside Skalani village, on the Fantaxometocho Estate. It is located a few kilometers outside the centre of Heraklion city, close to the archaeological site of Knossos, and is the jewel of the viticultural VQPRD zone of Archanes. The planting of the southernmost privately-owned Boutari vineyards began in 1990.

References in bibliographies confirm the close relations of the region with viticulture and the production of wine in antiquity. It is worth noting that the discovery of the first grape press in the Vathypetro area, dates back to 1600 B.C.


The main objective of the Boutari company was to set the foundations for the further promotion of Cretan wine worldwide, through the production of high quality wines. In a region that was famous for its ecosystem and its tradition in viticulture, the company managed to enhance the potential of local varieties and made Cretan vineyards known to the broader public, through major distinctions.

At an altitude ranging between 170 and 215 metres, on a 7-hectare plot, the privately-owned Boutari vineyard is cultivated based on the principles of organic farming, hosting various Greek and –international varieties. The density of the planting is 3300 plants/hectare.

Thanks to the particularly well-studied choice of location, on the northern side of the hill, the vineyard is protected from the "livas", the hot summer wind from the south, and benefits from the cool "meltemia" winds of the Cretan sea. The soil type is clay, limestone, with good drainage.

The vineyard includes the red varieties Kotsifali, Mantilari, Syrah and the white varieties Chardonnay, Malvasia Aromatica and Moschato Spinas, among others.


Visitors can enjoy a tour of the cellar, the production area, and the rest of the estate. Its impressive multimedia show has gained major awards at international competitions, and offers a unique journey back in time to the history of Crete. A visit to the wine-tasting hall is definitely worthwhile, to enjoy the wines of the Estate, including the experimental ones, accompanied by dishes of the renowned cuisine of Crete.

Guided Tours

The winery is open to the public and offers guided tours as well as organized wine tastings. The tour includes a visit to the vineyards and the winery. There visitors can see the Boutari cellar where wines are aged and a special projection room featuring a spectacular audiovisual experience that takes each visitor on a unique journey through the history of Crete.

Wine Tasting Courses

The resident Boutari oenologist offers a basic course on wine tasting, during which visitors can explore this mystical art through all the senses and learn the historic secrets associated with wine and its production.

Cretan Cuisine Courses

Mrs Maria Konstantaki, the estate cook and wife of viticulturist Giannis, offers bespoke courses on Cretan cuisine to small groups. Using local ingredients and special recipes, this is a treat for anyone interested in cuisine and gastronomy.

Business Events & Groups

Wine tasting events can be organized for large parties or corporate groups. Space is also available for full-scale corporate events and private celebrations such as weddings, baptisms or parties. Overlooking the beautiful vineyard, our restaurant space is an ideal place to enjoy a meal with specially selected estate wines.


Three elegant, contemporary luxury residences invite you to enjoy spectacular views of the vineyard. The blend of their interior design makes your journey in the world of wines even more exciting!

A parking area is also available.


Our breakfast is created to stimulate the senses using Cretan organic products – unique in flavour and quality – leading to a colourful, tasteful morning experience of high nutritional value.

Concierge Services
  • Taxi or car hire
  • Sightseeing / guided tours and excursions
  • Maps, guidebooks & travel tips
  • Restaurant recommendations & reservations
  • Special services for honeymooners & anniversary celebrations
  • No pets allowed
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Not Accessible by Wheelchair
  • No Smoking except in outdoor areas

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