Antiparos, Cyclades Islands

Antiparos is a truly magnificent island, situated opposite Paros.

Many refer to the Antiparos as a hideaway retreat island, where you will immediately soak up the relaxing atmosphere as you step off the boat from Paroikia or the car ferry from Pounda of Paros.

The ease and slow pace of life in Antiparos has attracted repeat visitors to this small island for decades. Once you enter the quiet island with the traditional Cycladic houses with paved streets filled with flowers and charming backyards, you know you have stumbled onto something good.

The focus on this island is the little village where the boat arrives, where you have a stunning Cycladic church and a harbor full of boats in every shape and size. The backdrop of coffee shops and tavernas comes to life during the afternoon and evenings and is visited by locals as with visitors alike.

Paros and Antiparos is also a fantastic set of islands to visit with a car. Even the most anxious driver will feel at ease driving around these islands and taking in this incredible nature.

And as you head towards Ag. Georgios for an evening meal at one of the tavernas, open the window and feel the aromatic air change from earth to oregano smells, thyme and lavender planted outside a whitewashed house. Once you arrive, the landscape has changed and you feel a sense of being somewhere else.

Beaches are plentiful to choose from and a lot within walking distance too. If you do not have a car a bus can drop you off at the nearest beach or you can combine it with a rented bike.

Antiparos is approximately 30 minutes away from Parikia, the capital of Paros with a small boat, or 8 minutes by car ferry from Pounda, one of the most famous beaches of Paros, which runs every half hour from dawn to after midnight. The fantastic ease of getting to Antiparos from Paros makes it a great place, even for a daytrip. For those who will decide stay in private villas on the island, it’s a pure sanctuary.