our story

Alargo is a Greek – Norwegian venture, which came to life after many years of planning, personal experiences and plenty of hard work in the travel industry.

A spark of an idea that was initially lit in 1997 gradually became to light in 2012 with the right people, the right moment and the right place. Different cultural backgrounds safeguarded the spark and kept it alive until the last piece of the puzzle was in place. A time and distance resistant (both geographical and cultural) friendship set the foundations of Alargo under a common umbrella: A passion for genuine travel experiences.

Our aim is to facilitate our guests in every way to gain the most out of their travels. In doing this, we provide you with the best hand-picked and often “off the beaten track” accommodation. We also provide services such as car-hire, private chef services or simply having private wine tasting events for groups or families on a terrace in your very own private villa. A stay in a perfect place with optional services designed by you!

And to ensure your booking with us is complete, we are on hand to provide you with the local knowledge about our destinations, culture and getting to know the Greek islands better.

So, whether you are planning a relaxing family holiday, a perfect setting for a wedding, or a simple romantic getaway – we will do our best to find a place dedicated to you. The rest of the time will be defined and designed by you!