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Dakos or ‘’Koukouvayia’’ | 02 Jun 2016

Dakos or ‘’Koukouvayia’’ | 02 Jun 2016 | Alargo

Dakos or ‘’Koukouvayia’’ | 02 Jun 2016

35°12.6′N 24°54.6′E

Dakos (often written as “Ntakos”) a.k.a ‘’Koukouvayia’’ could summarize the whole concept of the Mediterranean Diet in just one bite. A quick and healthy traditional meze (snack) prepared using simple and pure ingredients; a complete nutritious dish.

There is no better Greek meze for Cretan Tsikoudia, ouzo or beer than these rusks with grated fresh tomatoes, local myzithra cheese or feta, oregano and rich extra virgin olive oil. This ‘’landmark’’ snack of the rich Cretan cuisine can be found almost everywhere on the island so make sure to try it during your time in Crete. Kali Orexi (meaning ‘bon appétit’)!