Panefi - Hood 38 Teak Deck


Sailing Boat
38 ft

Enjoy the magnificent places of Crete with Panefi, one of our sailing boats. Panefi is a 12-meter sailing boat that provides you the opportunity to enjoy a private cruise exploring the small islands as well as the coves and the capes around the City of Chania. The boat’s capacity is 10 people including the captain and the assistant.

As Panefi is a sailing boat, our trips largely depend on the on the wind. Hence, we can set sail first either to Thodorou or Macherida depending on the direction of the wind on the trip day. The trip can be relatively fixed but the weather is always the key factor. So, within the above described frame you can always discuss with our skipper on the trip day and make amendments that will be more appealing to you, always bearing in mind that the wind is the ‘regulator’ of our trips.

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