Our name story dates back in the childhood of one of the company founders.

Alargo in the Cretan Dialect means ‘faraway’. It’s a word that is still used today, mainly in the villages of Crete. It is believed that the root of the word goes back to the years when the island of Crete was under the Venetian rule. So, it is possibly coming from the from Italian / Latin “al largo” meaning faraway in the open sea. Numerous ‘‘madinades" have been written using the word alargo to state something distant, desirable, a dream place or a person. Alargo in Greek is written as αλάργο and pronounced as alaryo. In the Greek literature the word ‘alargina’ which has its root in the alargo is frequently used to describe faraway, exotic, dreamed places.

It’s one of those words engraved in your mind from your childhood, when worry free summers were spent at grandma Athena’s village up in the mountains of Crete. We would always promise never to go so “alargo”, yet playing around discovering new exotic places, our promises failed every time. Exploring alargo was in our blood and still is today.

Now that we have left our childhood, we never abandoned it. Looking to name of our company, we ended up going back to our childhood’s faraway magical places that were always alargo. We also hope to inspire you when booking at alargo, to find a similar place in a villa bringing back the most precious memories of your life, whilst adding new ones.

Welcome to alargo!

Welcome to alargo!