Private Chef Service Terms and Conditions

Our Service and Product

Alargo provides Private Chef Services through and and its related / affiliated / partnered websites. Through our website we provide a platform whereby Guests may schedule meal preparation completed by an independent and professional Chefs who we enlist on the Alargo website(s).

Alargo act as a broker for the Private Chef arrangements. Our employees do not carry out any functions relating to cooking or meal preparation. We have teamed up with culinary professionals to carry out these duties.

Through our website, Alargo presents you with a range of menus, designed by our dedicated Chefs, who prepare and serve the meal at your choice of location. This is the Private Chef Service – also referred to as "service". You can reserve the service through our Online Portal and pay online or by bank transfer. Our customers – also referred to as "Guests" will be able to arrange the menu, chef, times, location and calculate price using the Alargo website as an online intermediate agent.

Alargo has teamed up with qualified highly trained and professional chefs who provide great food and wine experiences, where Alargo acts as a third-party agent. The agreement for the arranged service between the Chef and the Guest is made possible by using the Alargo online tool and promotion of the services through our website. Your chosen menu, together beverages is prepared and served by a chef at a venue of your choice. If you have selected any alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal, the licensed chef will only serve guests above 18 years of age. All food and (alcoholic) beverages are served by a licensed chef. Alargo, our company and our website will only be an intermediary part allowing for individual Guests and Chefs to perform the services, by using the Alargo website and platform.

Service Delivery

The available times of the Private Chef Service provision will be provided during the booking process. Different chefs offer different times and duration of service provision, so please make sure to select the timeframe, which is best suited for you and your party. The times and the duration of the service provision will be clearly stated on your Voucher. Amending the time and/or day of service is subject to availability and extra fees may apply.


All chefs will leave the place of the service clean and tidy. After the end of the service the place will be thoroughly cleaned and all utensils will be washed up.

Special Functions

Alargo wishes to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of guests. We provide our Private Chef Services to family groups and responsible adults and couples only! We may cater for special functions such as ceremonies, birthdays, etc. but only with the property owners consent and written permission. Guests shall be respectfully quiet and peaceful, so as not to disturb the local residents in the area during the provision of our services.

Limitation of Liability

Alargo acts as an agent only on behalf of the Chef and his/her/their team. We do not assume any liability for personal or property loss and damage or injury during and after the provision of the private chef service.

Alargo is not contractually involved in the provision of the service. We do not provide food, nor wine. The Private Chef experience is made entirely by your party and the Chef. The agreement of the service is therefore between the Chef and the Guests, using the Alargo website and online platform. Alargo cannot bear any responsibility to the execution of the service, other than the provision of the Chefs, the handling of the reservation in terms of choice of menu, payment, confirmation and information.

We cannot guarantee the quality and smooth operation of the service performed by the chef at your chosen location. We do not assume any liability connected with: the quality of the service, its compliance with the local law or the adequacy of the services offered by the Chef; the reliability and accuracy of all information relating to the services or the professional qualification of chefs.

In the unlikely event of an Alargo guest wishing to make a complaint about the private chef service, the guest will be encouraged to contact Alargo by email to to notify us of the complaint. Alargo will act as an intermediate, and pursue to resolve the dispute between the chef and the guests as a third party intermediate. Alargo assumes no obligations other than those relating to our role as online agent for the provision of Private Chef Services. Moreover, do we not have any guarantee of your personal taste of the food or wine provided at the Private Chef Service.

Your Liability

Guests are responsible for stating clearly and well in advance any nutrition or special requirements such as food allergies, intolerances, limitations to the consumption of certain ingredients, vegan and vegetarian requirements etc. Failure to notify may lead to service failures on the guests’ behalf without reimbursement.
To the extent which is reasonable, the guest will agree to indemnify Alargo, our partners and the chefs against all losses, expenses, damages and costs that may result from non – compliance of the provisions of these terms and conditions. Apart from providing all the above mentioned (including payment, special requirements related to ingredients, etc.)

You need to ensure your place of venue is suitable:

If you stay in an Alargo Property, you are required;

  • To be present at the mutually agreed venue 30 – 45 minutes prior to the service to allow for the chefs to commence the service on time, unless specified differently on the voucher.
  • To ensure any nutrition or special requirements, allergies, intolerances, limitations to the consumption of certain ingredients are informed to us at the time of booking.

If you stay in a Third-Party Accommodation, you require;

  • Prior permission by the owner of the accommodation that a service will take place. We do not provide Private Chef Service in properties where the owners do not permit or allow for third party services to be provided. It is important that you have the required consent from the owner of your chosen location.
  • Providing Alargo with a link of the accommodation where sufficient pictorial material would be available, to ensure the chosen accommodation has all the required facilities for the Private Chef Service, and that it is suitable and fall within the area where we provide the service.
  • Informing us in writing if there are any shortfalls in equipment at the chosen venue. (i.e. unserviceable BBQ when you have selected a BBQ menu). Our partnered chefs will always carry with them extra equipment such as cutlery, but they are not obliged to carry equipment such as a free-standing BBQ, cookers, tables, chairs, etc.

Number of Guests and their Ages

Please ensure you do not exceed the maximum number of guests allowed in each Private Chef session. Additional guests not already included on the voucher will not be served. The ages of Children are always stated during the booking process and may be different from Chef to Chef. The quantity of the food served will be adjusted according to the ages of the children in the group.

Cancellation or Alteration by Our Chefs

In the highly unlikely event of the Chef being unavailable to perform the service, due to unforeseen circumstances, Alargo reserves the right to provide you with substitute Chef, without liability. If a comparable alternative cannot be made available, Guests will receive a complete refund of the Private Chef Service cost. Alargo will only be accountable for services booked through / and cannot be made responsible for other arrangements or items booked or purchased separately in connection to the planned service or event (e.g. own beverages purchased separately by the guests at their own leisure).

So, to sum up Our Services…

We put Chefs in touch with people seeking for great culinary experiences with a private chef. Our ‘Online Booking Service’ is not for the use of long term arrangements or those looking for permanent provision of chef services. We may provide such services only by case and only on demand. Please contact us for further details and we will be happy to help.